COMPUTATIONAL Logic  &  Epistemology

AI C.A.V.E. DRAWINGS (Cosmology of Artificial Intelligence Visualized Epistemically) project’s goal is to build a complete and freely available domain ontology, taxonomy, and epistemic visualization for the field of Artificial Intelligence. The AI Cosmology Project gives an opportunity to begin to define the scope of a complete ontology and taxonomy.

The primary objective of the Cosmology of Artificial Intelligence Project is to develop and provide a public friendly visualization of the evolutionary structure of the field of Artificial  Intelligence.  By tracing the genesis and origins of the major schools of thought, their influences, and its interactions with the subject matter, institutions, people, techniques, and tools of the field, we hope to identify a valid and useful cosmology of the field of Artificial Intelligence. The project aims to elucidate the cosmology in the form of an interactive visualization of a solar system used as a reference map. The graphs of the major schools of thought, its topics, methods, tools, and key contributors will be visually represented as various important objects and aspects of a solar system planets(e.g. planets and their structures, moons, rings,  etc.) Historical events in the field and other fields of science that has had significant influence or effect on the schools of thought, will be visualized as objects such as meteors, asteroids, and comets or events such as eclipses. The goal of the visualization is to be educational, informative, and we hope entertaining. By interacting with the visualization, the user will be able to explore the driving paradigms throughout the history of AI, from the major influential topics, institutions, organizations,  researchers,  to the projects, technologies, and formative events associated with origins to the present era.

Because much of the content for the AI cosmology is historical in nature, we will rely on historical material of the ACM Digital Library such as seminal books and papers, journal articles, interviews, oral histories, etc.  Our initial source material will be the AI branch of the ACM Computing Classification System which will provide basic topics from 1964 to 2012, and the Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Vols. I, II, II.  We will use the histories of AI as written and told  in the conference papers, journal articles, interviews, oral histories, and book introductions to identify the institutions, their projects and developers as well as the tools and methods. In addition to the ACM Digital library we will take advantage of other digital repositories e.g  IEEE digital library,  AAAI journals,  etc. 

The project will produce four artifacts:

  1. A website containing an interactive map version of the AI Cosmology

  1. A version of the map appropriate for a high resolution printed poster

  1. A kiosk application for museums and science center exhibits featuring the AI Cosmology

  1. A social media campaign to promote the use of the cosmology

  1. S.O.S.  DELORis  ROBOT

    (Sink Or Swim Deep Lake Observation

     Reconnaissance Information System)


    (Server Auditing and Monitoring &

     Sensitive Instrument  with Opportunistic



    (Mill Creek Park Lakes Project)




    (Cosmology of Artificial Intelligence

    Visualized Epistemically)


  1. AIM / AIR

     (Alternative Inference for Machines

    and Robots)